Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I am constantly on the look out for patterns... When I hear and see so many being challenged by similar experiences, I know their lesson is about to become mine too. I can almost hear the word BINGO shouted when I "see" what source as been showing me through the lives of my clients....

Lately, I have noticed the theme of many of the moments I have been privileged to be a part of have held many lessons on letting go in a positive, joyful way. Granted it is sometimes difficult to see the good in a relationship that is ending, whether its a love partnership or your employer. But in the end, if we can find the courage to accept our own perceptions as truth, we can release our attachments with ease.

The best guidance I have ever received is to focus on what was good, appreciate the memory of those moments, and remember the love or care I felt at the time. We should not allow our fears and back looking doubts to diminish or overshadow OUR truth of what we ourselves experienced. Accepting that change has occurred, that our relationship is no longer a positive experience and letting go with love and appreciation allows each of us to move forward.

Many times we find ourselves caught up in the fear and doubt of change. We cling to what we know, and insist that others see from our perspective. We question others actions, their feelings and their very thoughts in an unending quest to determine if our past experiences were REAL or simply a fabrication to take from or use us in some way. All to often we find ourselves feeling as if we have been made a fool, it sparks anger and a resolve to punish the other party.

In essence we are reacting in the one way that will push our sense of peace and self to very farthest point out side of our grasp. It is in accepting that there was good, that there still is good in the other person, and that some aspect of your love still remains for them, that you are able to separate and move forward in peace, with a much clearer sense and respect for not only self but the other party.

It isn't necessary to win, it isn't necessary to be right... but to walk in peace, it is necessary to always strive to come from a place of love in our interactions with others.

Today, if your mind is circling in upon itself over an ended relationship, and you cannot find peace... look inside, look towards the good memories and wish the other party the happiness you felt at that moment.... Banish your fear and doubt with appreciation and acceptance. Change happens for one reason only, it is up to us to choose how we perceive it... Your next moment is waiting to be filled with amazing new experiences, if you'll let it.